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More than 50 Circular Storage Facilities to China and Taiwan

Herne - HUA YANG (LUOYANG) ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. ordered a further circular storage facility from SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH in Herne. The circular storage will be erected in Xiamen by the end of 2012, trial operation is scheduled for May 2013. The coal storage has a diameter of 120 metres and can store 4400 tonnes of coal per hour – reclaiming capacity is set at 2000 tonnes per hour. Hua Yang (Luoyang) Electric Co; Ltd, a subsidiary of China Shenhua Energy Co; Ltd since June 2011, is active in power plant construction and the electric power sector. The company has been ordering circular storage facilities from SCHADE Lagertechnik for many years.

In total more than 50 circular storage units have been supplied to China and Taiwan since the 1990s. Above all, the Chinese company Xiamen has developed into the reference location for the storage technology experts from Herne in Germany’s Westphalia region: This latest circular storage contract is already the seventh which will be delivered to HUA YANG.

Taiwan also features on the list of regular customers. This is particularly true of large storage units featuring diameters of up to 120 metres and storage and reclaim capacities of 4000 and 2000 tonnes per hour. Nine such storage units were shipped to the Far East island between 1997 and 2002 alone.

Apart from the power plant industry also the chemical industry in China appears large on the SCHADE customer list. In this regard a circular storage facility of 100 metres in diameter will be supplied to JIAHUA CHEMICALS in Changzhou (near Shanghai) in February this year. The circular storage is designed for a storage capacity of 900 tonnes of coal per hour; the reclaim capacity is 600 tonnes per hour.

Circular storage facilities offer a combination of low space requirement and high storage volume and are available in various configurations employing a combination of stacker, slewing, circular or portal scraper. Storage of the material is performed based on the cone forming process, the scrapers are equipped with a double strand chain and wear-protected buckets. The simultaneously enabled stacking and reclaiming processes are SPS-controlled. Combined stackers/scrapers for open-air stockyards were first installed for the chemical industry, being joined later at a later stage for limestone storage in cement plants and for storage and reclaiming of wood chips in the pulp and paper industry. In recent times stricter environmental protection regulations have significantly increased the demand for enclosed storage facilities. The first circular storage facility with combined stacker/scraper was designed and built in 1988 in order to store 95,000m3 of coal on a stockyard measuring 97m in diameter.